Accessibility For Small Businesses



Increasing accessibility improves employee productivity, retention and company morale.

Among business owners who reported making accommodations for employees with disabilities:

  • 86% said this helped retain qualified employees.
  • 59% said this increased company productivity.
  • 61% said this increased company morale.
  • 24% reported increased profitability.

Ensuring inclusivity and accessibility can expand the business market:

  • Americans with a disability have a disposable income of $490 million.
  • 71% of users with a disability will simply have to leave a website that is not accessible.
  • 79% of companies found inclusive software improved usability and customer experience.

Designing for accessibility drives innovation, and improves general usability:

  • Android’s screen-contrast design helps everyone, regardless of visual ability, see their smartphone screen in the sun.
  • Closed captioning, originally created for people who were deaf or hard of hearing, is now a standard practice.

Most employers report no or low cost for accommodating employees with disabilities:

  • 49% of employers report no cost for accommodating employees with disabilities.
  • 43% of employers report a one-time cost.
  • Only 8% of employers report an annual, or a combo annual and one-time cost.


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