Download this template to help you gather tax information for your C Corporation, S Corporation or Partnership.

Some information you will need include:

  • Your entity information, such as business code, start date, incorporation date
  • Principal Shareholders or Partners and their Tax ID numbers
  • If this is your first year of existence:
    • A copy of the state incorporation or partnership agreement
    • A copy of the letter received from the IRS after filing SS-4 showing Entity EIN number & official name
    • If an S-Corp, the filed IRS Form 2553 - Election, & copy of IRS acceptance letter allowing S-Corp status

Collect all documents that apply to your business:

  • Asset additions and changes
  • Notes, Loans and mortgages held either in assets or liabilities
  • Capital/Cash contributions to the business by shareholder or partner
  • Capital/Cash distributions to shareholders or partners
  • Non-standard contributions or distributions
  • Employer and officer payroll information
  • Final Bank statement or bank reconsolidation showing cash in bank
  • Real property loan and real estate information
  • If the business employed independent contractors or made payment to unincorporated services/suppliers, provide copies of 1099-Misc issued.
  • If any shareholders or partners are residents of states not where business located or reside outside the US, provide details. There may be withholding requirements.
Tax Organizer: Business Entities (C Corporation, S Corporation, Partnerships)