Aloha Dennis Bunda,   

I remain totally in your debt for the wonderful meeting we had yesterday.  Your insights into what we are trying to do as a new business, and the ways in which you defined the steps that we have to take to become a successful group, are beacons in the night.  Your definition of my role in this was especially helpful, as it gave me insights I never even thought of in my quest to organize a group of loving people into a viable and long-term non-profit company. 

The paperwork is daunting, but I have two people willing to help get it done, and while there are people who want everything done yesterday, most are willing to make sure it is done properly from the beginning to ensure that long-term success. 

Your idea of using the for-profit business plan to maintain our sustainability will open doors not even thought of prior to our meeting, and as we keep this as simple as possible while developing, will become more and more important as time goes on.  Instead of the panic and chaos we have seen in other groups, we all wish for a more settled, intelligent outlook, so my job becomes important on two fronts: reining in the wild horses, and kicking in the rear those who would lag behind. 

Being a caregiver, not only for husband, kids, grandkids, extra kids, many senior citizens, all sorts of animals, and maybe even myself once in a while, has given me the ability to be a problem-solver, risk-taker, and "visionary" (your word, but I love it!).  Combined with your amazing talent, experience, and insights, you and I will always be THE definition of this new group. 

What a pleasure it is was meeting you, and I thank you for being there when I needed you most. 


Marli Holden

Counselor Appreciation