"Ill Sapore Della Dolce Vita" - The Taste of the Good Life

January 12, 2009

Dear SCORE executives, councilors, volunteers;

If a business is drowning and the owner is unaware of it, the reality of death or bankruptcy will show itself.  The bankruptcy of the business will affect all the lives of the people that invested into business and the lives of the people the business supported and serviced.

SCORE provided my company a lifeline that removed the “panic” and provided solid professional advice in a time of crisis.  SCORE’S professional counselors shared their experience and knowledge.

Although there is no certainty that my business will succeed, the opportunity to avoid a certain tragedy was afforded to my business by SCORE.  I humbly thank the entire organization and what it represents.

Wes Fong
Managing Partner
Mondo Gelato

Mondo Gelato